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Kickline Creative is a media company that develops longterm emotional relationships between highly-engaged fans, influencers & the brands that love them.

Our concept is simple.

We believe each of our clients has the potential to develop into a network that moves people in a unique way.

Our approach is complex.

We cultivate our clients way of expressing themselves authentically in media. We measure, study, learn, dissect and finesse what’s engaging an audience of fans by dissecting and finessing how people engage. We know what about our clients resonate to make a post remain buoyant longer and what drives interests profoundly deeper.

Our proven methodology works to move the needle and remain cognizant of the shaping ebbs and flows of social networks and digital platforms. We know what technologies and audience behaviors are most relevant.

we develop influencers

Cultivating personalities
into media properties

we attract highly-engaged fans

Turning “like”
into love

we are strategic with content

Developing, publishing, measuring, mastering the data
to match you with fans


Matt Rosler
Chief Executive & Chief Creative Officer

A Long Island transplant to Southern California, Matt has spent the past 20 years working with entertainment brands on their digital strategy including Mark Burnett, Fox, Yahoo, Disney, Warner Bros, CBS, ABC & NBC Networks.

Most recently, Matt was Director of Digital Marketing at Participant Media, overseeing and developing data-driven, digital social film impact campaigns for architecting pathways to impact and enrollment. Notable campaigns include Dark Waters, John Lewis: Good Trouble, Foster, Participants Vote, On the Basis of Sex.

In his spare time, Matt’s leadership extends to his other love his alma mater – University of Pennsylvania where President Dr. Amy Gutmann today calls Matt a treasure for his “loyal engagement and innovative ways of connecting alumni.” Matt calls his alumni “Penntertainment” community networking and sold-out events a hobby, but we all know he just loves connecting people to something bigger.


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